Tuesday, 9 June 2015

All you need to know about iOS 9

Apple has always been updating its products. This becomes the reason why Apple was able to sell nearly 800 million devices by June 2014 and there were new 130 million in the time period of 2013-2014.

What I feel that if you have launched a product or a commodity then it is important for you to continuously update the product so that the end users should not feel monotonous with the look and feel. This was where Nokia lacked. They were running on the same Symbian Platform where there competitors like Samsung or HTC entered into the Android Versions.

But talking about Apple and the products. The reason for success is constant improvement in their technology. Now Apple has come up with a newer version of the software, iOS 9. So what's in it for we the users? Come lets have a look.

1. New features and capabilities of the virtual assistant Siri - It will now let the users to set voice reminders which will be provoked when the phone is connected to a car or when the user arrives at home. You can even request Siri to show you images from any country of the world or even from your photo gallery. Siri can now proactively tell you about your location.

2. Spotlight Feature - This is a support functionality that will help users to find within the apps.

3. Apple Pay - This feature will be available in UK from July onwards. This will also have the support of merchants and by using the phone or watch customers who are located in London will be able to make payments. Customers can also use their rewards card using this feature. 

4. Wallet App - This is the new passbook application launched by Apple.

5. Revamped in-built Notes - To compete with Evernote and One Note, Apple revamped its in-built notes app. It now includes checklists and rich formatting and images.

6. News App - I find this one very apt for users and specially those for whom news is an important part of morning and the rest of the day. We all get sick and tired of seeing unwanted news in newspaper. But with this News App you can customize it. The app receives requests from users regarding their favorite publisher and topic and the app gives the news pertaining to the same

Having such power packed features in a phone requires a lot of space. Well it's the other way round. As compared to iOS 8 this new software update will require on 1.3GB of free space. The update will launch at later this year so till then the users can enjoy being a part of this legacy which will continue forever.

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